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Fun in the Snow

Chara continually helps me to restore and deepen my own connections to personal wellness, especially through reconnection with the natural world. With her keen intuition and vast knowledge, Chara graciously offers wisdom and focused advice in clear, easily absorbed, and action-oriented steps. I appreciate her always powerful, yet always gentle guidance toward a more healthful, more balanced approach to our own, and the planet’s fullest flourishing! I encourage others to call on Chara’s gifts as a Teacher or a Coach. You will be enriched, inspired, and restored!
– Holly A.

Chara Armon is a visionary who cares deeply about our planet and personal healing. She is always walking her talk with the highest integrity and is a passionate guide in service to the mutual healing of our planet and all human beings. Chara inspires with her commitment to taking small (yet important) steps to bring a greater state of harmony to the issues affecting our planet and humanity in our world today.
– Deborah L.

With the help of Chara Armon, I felt encouraged to look carefully and feel love and compassion for my past old wounds as an environmental activist. I could review what I’ve been doing for me and for Nature, and honor myself in this care relationship I have with the Earth, both on the physical level and on the quantum – energetic – spiritual level …. I am deeply grateful for this opportunity to learn from Chara.
–Monica, Brazil

Listening to Chara Armon’s introductory presentation during the Healing Earth seminar, I felt that I had found a soul sister. She described so accurately the path I too had trod – from environmental activism to feeling lost in eco-despair, and then re-connecting at a deeper level with Nature in all her beauty, wisdom and power.  Chara is a wise and compassionate guide. Through her Roots & Branches of Mutual Flourishing course I have felt heard, comforted, and inspired to recommit myself to the flourishing of life on our beautiful Planet Earth. 
– Alice Ashwell, Ph.D., South Africa

Chara Armon is pioneering a unique and important path in combining concepts of healing the earth with the principles of self-healing.
– Larry Burk, MD, www.larryburkmd.com, United States