Why Do You Need to Get Dirty to Be Happy?



Greetings in July!  Why do you need to get dirty to be happy?

Learn why in my conversation with organic farmer’s wife, herbalist, and chiropractor, Charis Lindrooth.
Charis and I talk about the deep craving people are feeling for connection to nature, how to build your own nature connection, and why dirt is a crucial part of it!

You can watch or listen by clicking here or visiting: https://zoom.us/recording/play/d6uzvARguTg_UNTsWWN5-LRdeL4soDY5NHKvWqpgxvn1gru0aGrSXTJ2ZohtspsS

To learn more about Charis’s work and her upcoming Mid-Atlantic Women’s Herbal Conference, visit womensherbal.com

You can also find Charis at www.charislindrooth.com, and learn there about her online women’s herbal forum, Ginger Juice, which offers guidance on incorporating herbal healing into your life.

To your Flourishing and the Earth’s,


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