How are you interweaving nature’s presence into your life?

How are you doing with interweaving nature’s presence into your life?  I loved talking about this recently with my dear friend, Lindsay Pera, and I hope you will listen to our conversation.  We explored ways to live within nature’s rhythms, Lindsay explained what her “Plus Nature” recommendation means and how easy it is, and we each shared views on how connection to nature may relate to–or be–your spiritual practice.

One of Lindsay’s wise statements in this conversation is that as you become activated to tending the Earth, you become activated to your own self-care.  Please join us for this conversation and explore this for yourself by clicking here to listen now:

Close up Bare Hand of a Man Covering Small Flowers at the Garden with Sunlight Between Fingers.

Wondering who Lindsay is?  Well, for me she’s a very dear friend I’ve never met in person, with whom I went to high school but whom I didn’t meet until my early 40s!  (It’s true: Lindsay and I attended high school for a year at the same school but didn’t get to know each other until about three years ago via virtual connections.)   More about Lindsay: Lindsay wants to live in a world where appreciation flows freely, kids play outdoors and lemons are in season year round. As a Mystic mama, tech entrepreneur and wellness “Inspirer-in-Chief” she’s a sought after contributor and motivator on all topics health, healing and transformation. When she is not extolling the virtues of self-tracking or “Resonance” based business, you can find her knocking almonds and generally getting her gratitude on. Lindsay’s new paradigm business community, The Mystic’s Society, is a safe haven for entrepreneurs weaving magic into their *work* in the world. Find out more about Lindsay’s private consulting at or join in the magic at the

I hope you’ll explore Lindsay’s and my suggestions about weaving nature into all the patterns of your life.  We’re ready as a human race to go ever deeper on that journey, for Mutual Flourishing for Self and Earth.

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