Flower Essence Consultations

Pict0089Smart2Flower essence consultations for women and men who desire to contribute to healing for people and planet.

Use the gifts of the Earth to heal yourself and the Earth.

Flower essences are energetic remedies made from flowers.  They have the capacity to shift and release energies and emotions in the human body and energy field.  As a Certified Flower Essence Practitioner, I specialize in supporting women who feel an inner calling to contribute to healing and restoration for people and/or the natural world.  Flower essences can assist you with most aspects of your emotional and spiritual journey, including discernment, clarity, and confidence; managing anxiety or overwhelm; or accomplishing your own healing in order to serve your life mission more fully, successfully, or easily.

Each consultation includes a one-hour phone or Skype conversation, after which you will receive a bottle of flower essences mixed specifically to support your current needs and goals.  During each month you take essences, I am available to you via email when questions arise.

I offer consultations in sets of 3 to ensure that you have enough time with the essences to find the healing you seek.  One set of 3 consultations is $240.  Additional consultations beyond the initial set of 3 are $80 each. (International clients will need to pay for shipping in addition.)

For a 15-minute free consultation about how flower essences can support your wellness and life progress, or to schedule your sessions, please email me at chara@healingearthself.com

To pay for your set of 3 consultations, please click here:


Please join me to allow the flowers to bring you clarity, ease, and the strength to offer your service to the world.


Looking for more detail about flower essences? Read on.

It’s thought that flower essences may have been used for hundreds or thousands of years, but they were first formally studied and popularized by Edward Bach, MD, in the early 20th century. They are now prepared by individuals and companies around the world, and they constitute the energetic aspect of what flowers and trees offer to us.  Just as many or even most plants can provide healing when we ingest their flowers, leaves, bark, or roots in the form of herbal remedies, flower essences offer energetic healing on a more subtle level, for the energetic body rather than the physical body. Each flower essence is made by soaking the flowers of one plant in pure water in sunlight to draw the vibrational essence of the flower into the water. If this sounds hard to believe, try a flower essence that is appropriate for your current needs and you may be surprised by its healing power.

I have studied flower essences for over ten years, studying in the Bach and Flower Essence Society traditions, and have been formally trained and certified by Joanne Ameya Cohen in her Woman Rising intensive, following the work of David Dalton of Delta Gardens.

Flower essences are potent yet gentle and do not cause side effects. They can be less effective in the presence of prescription medications, and thus it is preferable to use them once you have completed any courses of medication you may be taking.

If you are seeking emotional freedom, clarity or discernment, relief from habits or patterns that trouble you, or other forms of emotional and energetic balancing and strengthening, I recommend flower essences and would be honored to guide you in their use.