My e-courses support you in learning how to merge your connection to nature with your wellness and your service. Read on to learn about my three courses.

The Roots and Branches of Mutual Flourishing e-course teaches you to pay attention to nature with your mind, body, and soul, deepening your own wellness as you move into mutually healing intimacy with the natural world. Learn to interweave self care with Earth care, for mutual flourishing for people and planet. Find out more at http://www.healingearthself.com/roots-and-branches-of-mutual-flourishing-course/

The Deep Healing Autoimmunity: How to Discover Your Inner Healer & Your Offering to the World e-course is an open door to exploring how your immune illness may be a path to meaning, heightened wellness, & service. Join the course for support in seeking the profound meanings in what your body’s immune confusion may be teaching you about your healing role, your life calling, & how we can restore humanity’s relationship to the planet. Learn more at http://www.healingearthself.com/deephealingautoimmunity/

The Encountering Your Inner Healer: How Listening to Your Inner Guidance Lights Your Healing Path e-course offers step-by-step guidance in practices that help you Find Your Peaceful Place, Reach Out to Your Inner Healer, and Keep the Healing Dialogue Open. These practices help you to halt the processes of inflammation and immune attack in your body and bring your inner wisdom into your health decisions. Discover how to balance your mind-body-spirit self into an integrated whole so you can step forward powerfully in your healing process. Learn more at http://www.healingearthself.com/deephealingautoimmunity/

Part of my contribution to restoring the human-Earth relationship and the well-being of both people and planet is to support those who experience illness as one of their pathways to discovering their life purpose and service to the life community.  In indigenous cultures, this is called ‘shaman sickness.’ If you would like to know about my story and perspective on illness as a guide to purpose, it’s included on this websitehttp://www.healingearthself.com/deephealingautoimmunity/


A dedicated newsletter for those experiencing health challenges:

If you experience autoimmune or other chronic illness and are open to discerning how your health problems may be a guide to your life purpose or service, and how serving your purpose may alleviate or resolve your health problems, I welcome you to sign up for a mailing list dedicated to those topics.  I offer newsletters, free webinars, online courses, flower essence consultations, and one-on-one mentoring to women and men whose life path involves illness as a doorway to purpose and service. To receive mentoring from me, sign up below.  You’ll receive a gift from me when you sign up, “8 Ways To Know Whether Your Illness Is Pointing to Your Purpose, & What To Do Next.”