chara-aboutYou may feel distress about our environmental crises but want to feel hope… You may be tired of basing your connection to nature more in worry than love and pleasure… You may be someone who suffers from stress-related health problems, or from anxieties about how we’re going to salvage the human future on planet Earth…You’re definitely someone who feels an inner urge to mend and heal, whether you’re in love with helping people, animals, plants, or whole ecosystems.

You and I are meant to partner together. I’ve been through those painful places and emerged on the other side, into a place where I’m connected to the natural world, my life purpose, my own wellness, and the inspiring work of restoring the human relationship to nature.

You already know you want to heal yourself and repair the Earth. Or maybe you’re not on this path quite yet but your heart leaps when you read those words. I support women who are seeking to nurture themselves and the Earth. You can learn tools for interweaving your own wellness with that of the natural world.

For a quick tour of these ideas, see the video below:

I am a teacher, writer, scholar, mother, wife, and ecological activist. My passions include almost anything that supports health for people, plants, animals, and our planet.  I cherish gardening, clean air, cool weather, beech trees, flowers, and my children and family.  Things that make me happy include green smoothies, reading, and touching dirt!  Ask about the fruit trees, berries, perennial vegetables, herbs, compost, and other delights of my 1/3 acre organic permaculture food forest only if you don’t mind enthusiasm.

After completing a Ph.D. in history and religion, raising my children, and then teaching college students for several years, I realized that I couldn’t ignore my inner commitment to the natural world or my fear about the ecological disasters occurring world-wide. I immersed myself in the field of religion and ecology and transformed my teaching to explore well-being for people and the natural world.

I’ve felt pulled, as maybe you do, to reflect on why things seem to be going so astray in our treatment of the Earth, and in our own health.

After decades of struggling with health problems and realizing they arose from my own life imbalances and from pollution we’re pouring into our air, water, and soil, I know that our only hope for well-being for ourselves and all of humanity is to care for the Earth like she is part of our own bodies.  I can help you explore how caring for the Earth is inseparable from caring for yourself.

I’m ready to support you in defending Earth’s and your own health simultaneously and transitioning your life to a state of sane, healthy, sustainable balance.


Wondering about what has influenced me on my path?

The environmental and social justice movements in their many forms; the conscious evolution movement; the Transition movement; Christianity, especially in its mystical forms; Buddhism; holistic health practices, yoga and meditation; my youth in the Colorado mountains; and many thought leaders past and present, from Basil of Caesarea and Julian of Norwich to Walt Whitman, Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Christiane Northrup, Vandana Shiva, Thomas Berry, Wendell Berry, Joanna Macy, and Barbara Marx Hubbard.


My work is to inspire people to interweave their self-care with Earth care, for mutual flourishing for people and planet. I believe that weaving connections between the self-development and environmental movements can both transform human well-being and catalyze us to keep our beautiful planet habitable for all life forms. I am committed to leading healing for self, humanity, and planet, and I hope you’ll join me.

You can find me here, at OwningPink, and on Facebook.

DSCN1999My work supports healing and flourishing for planet and people by inspiring you to listen to your heart’s compassion for all life, your soul’s desire to serve, and your body’s yearning to live in harmony with the Earth and all her inhabitants. I support women who seek to contribute to healing the human-Earth relationship and nurturing human wellness on a healthy planet, while also nurturing themselves. Learn with me to find your deepest connection to nature, your unique path of service, and your enhanced personal wellness linked to the natural world.