Welcome to Mutual Flourishing!

Support and inspiration for women contributing to a new kind of flourishing for self and planet

Do you feel a call to help renew the human relationship to the Earth & deepen your own wellness in the process?

Are you seeking to improve your own well-being & your service to the natural world’s well-being?

Do you feel desperate about our ecological situation & ready to feel more connected, inspired, & hopeful?

If you wonder how to contribute to healing the human relationship to the Earth, are seeking to up-level or renew your service to people and planet, need to improve your own wellness, or struggle with persistent health problems or eco-anxiety, you’re in the right place.

My offerings inspire and support women who desire to contribute to healing the human-Earth relationship while also nurturing their own wellness.  I can help you to find your unique path to personal well-being, an Earth-honoring life, and your highest service to the life system on our beautiful planet.

Join me to transform eco-anxiety into connected hopefulness, lack of clarity into purpose, and your entire life into an offering of love and compassion to all beings on planet Earth, including yourself.

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